SXSW Integrated Campaign

The return of the Original Band was met with a tsunami of excitement from the fans of the early commercials. The YouTube channel had nine pages of positive comments in just 3 days.  With this level of popularity and the musical tie-in of the band, promoting our at SXSW seemed like a no brainer.

We created an integrated campaign that utilized digital advertising, emails, Public Relations, sponsorships and street teams to get the word out. We even created a “Where’s Waldo” style contest around the lead singer, Eric Violette, where in fans could win swag and tickets to shows for sending in pictures and selfies featuring the infamous credit score rocker.

Role(s): Senior Graphic Designer/Lead Designer

A series of teaser print ads were created to run in various programs throughout the event.

Public Relations
Articles were placed on the SXSW website to help get fans excited the return of the band and Eric being at SXSW.

We used email to deliver custom VIP invitations to a sponsored concert at the IFC house.

T-Shirts were among the more popular swag items – so much so, we created two different designs.

IFC Sponsorship
Further exposure was gained by our sponsorship of the IFC house, a SXSW hotspot and mecca for the cool and famous.

FCS RECAP 60 HS17870 WMV 720p from Grant Yurada on Vimeo.