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Integrated Campaign Major League Baseball Sponsorship

Over the years Experian Brands have become synonymous with professional sports. Whether on the hood of a NASCAR, the hardwood of an NCAA Tournament or the outfield wall of a major league ball park, our brands have been front and center in the eyes of the consumer.

In 2013, we were asked to take our sponsorship of the MLB in a new direction. Not only were we expected to create brand awareness, but there was an expectation to drive acquisition as well.  The following campaign, executed across multiple channels did both.

Role(s): Senior Graphic Designer

Print ads:
We created several print ads to run in both the MLB Year book and various Club programs.

Digital Roadblocks:
As part of our strategy, we ran these roadblocks on days that hosted games between major market rivals: Yankees vs. Red Socks, Dodgers vs. Giants, Etc. The results were rather impressive. CTR’s of almost triple industry standards and longer time spent on site.

Sweepstakes and Contests:
Our very first attempt to co-sponsor a sweepstakes came as a last minute value ad from – it was for Spring Training get-away weekend. At the time the design was set and we were simply supposed to ad our logo. One look at the creative and I knew we had to get involved. By tweaking the design and making the messaging more prominent, we were able to drive record-breaking signups and 10 of thousands of Hand-Raiser sign ups.  This success led us to do even more sweeps and contests, that proved to be even more successful.

These t-shirts could were given out at various ballparks during promotional events and as fan appreciation gifts.  The clean and simple design allowed for easy co-branding with any club in the MLB.